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Despite their youth, Puppetz boast a successful career, which started back in 2002. The original line-up comprised guitarist Nejc Škafar, bassist Jani Kovačec, drummer Blaž Sotošek and singer Bojan Pahljina. The band first started out by playing cover songs, but soon moved on to writing their own material, spurred on by cheering concert crowds, as well as first place in a new bands competition at the Rdeča Ostriga Club, which brought them a tour across Slovenia.

The band teamed up with guitarist Miha Močnik, who brought with him an old school sound of genuine rock 'n' roll. Puppetz spruced it up with fresh, string-driven samples, creating a sound of their own, which resonates strongly with the new rock movement. They soon played their way to the Newcomer 2006 competition in Graz, where they placed second among more than a hundred music groups, walked away with the Best Band of the Evening title and gave a big hand for their very own Blaž, who won the prize for best drummer of the competition. Puppetz also came first at the Coca-Cola Band Startup 2007 and won a music video, played an admirable number of concerts and recorded a song, as well as a video with Tomi Meglič (Siddharta). The latter was named Best Video of the Year at the Diamanti 2008 show. In the same year, they produced their debut album, Forte balade, released on Menart Records. Puppetz set another milestone in 2009, when they opened for the internationally acclaimed German band Cinema Bizarre.

But this was only the beginning. The five-man band recently entered RSL Studio, which has hosted some of the biggest names in Slovene music (Dan D, Elvis Jackson, Siddharta etc.), and began working on a new album. The singles from the upcomming album has already hit radio stations across the country, opening a new chapter in the musical endeavours of Puppetz and clearly showing a more mature face of the band.

Puppetz once more joined forces with Tomaž Maras – Mot, who produced their first record. The new album is coming to life through musical exploration and experimentation, the darker sound of Forte balade being replaced by lighter, catchier tones, which are complemented by captivating guitar themes, approached from a whole new angle. During the recording process of the album, a new drummer joined the band. Puppetz are leaving the dusky melancholia of the past behind and are embracing a positive outlook on music and life itself. They have flicked the switch that will give new light to their music.

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